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  • AI Subject Lines Showdown: East Vs. West

    AI Subject Lines Showdown Part 2: East Vs. West

    Apr 17, 2024

    In Part 1 of this series, we took a deep dive into exploring the preferences of people in the American Midwest and South. Now, let’s look at two regions that get a lot of hype (and rightfully so!) . . .  The East and the West.  Each of these regions contain massive amounts of people and span across…

  • ai subject line showdown: Midwest vs. South

    AI Subject Lines Showdown: Midwest Vs. South

    Apr 11, 2024

    We’ve examined what makes catchy subject lines, well, catchy. Or should we say wicked? Or rather, hella good? After all, with today’s access to email data, marketers can examine peoples’ preferences in copywriting and vocabulary. This means that Backstroke can determine your subscribers’ content…

  • write your best email marketing subject lines and fix mistakes with AI

    From Oops to Opportunity: How to Fix Common Email Mistakes and Capitalize On Them

    Apr 3, 2024

    Once in a while, you see a very specific type of email roll into your inbox. Its subject line screams something like “Oops! We made a mistake!” and its contents apologize for whatever was previously sent. Mistakes like this happen to all of us.  However, there are many more common, subtle email…

  • personalized subject lines for millennials

    From Boomers to Zoomers: Personalized Subject Lines that Connect with Each Generation

    Mar 27, 2024

    When it comes to email marketing, personalized subject lines will capture the attention of any person at any age. And that exact type of personalized content sells. The numbers behind this claim don’t lie. In fact:  72% of consumers exclusively engage with personalized messaging, with personalized…

  • Revolutionizing Email Marketing: Backstroke's Impact on Nathan Sports

    Mar 22, 2024

    Leading sports hydration brand drives 62% increase in email revenue with creative AI powered by Backstroke In the competitive realm of e-commerce, standing out in a crowded inbox is no small feat. Nathan Sports, under the guidance of Ecommerce Director Doug Bertram, embarked on a boundary-pushing…

  • how to write fun email subject lines for spring

    How to Write Fun Email Subject Lines for Spring Holidays, Occasions, and Sales

    Mar 20, 2024

    We’re already in Week 12 of 2024. 77% of the year remains. Of course, the majority of our holidays, vacations, and special occasions happen within that time frame, all of which you will likely prepare multiple email campaigns for.  With so many campaigns across the calendar, harnessing industry…

  • Backstroke's email subject line creator just gets us

    Backstroke’s Email Subject Line Creator: How it Understands Audiences, Emotions, and the More 

    Mar 13, 2024

    Could machines ever truly get you? Could algorithms understand what content you’ll click? This form of synthetic empathy certainly exists and it’s helping marketers understand their audiences’ interests. Simply put, AI speaks to them.  In fact, Backstroke’s email subject line creator is powered by…

  • MCL Restaurant & Bakery: Savoring Success with Backstroke's AI Edge

    Mar 11, 2024

    Classic restaurant drives new-age results, generating a 41% boost in conversions with AI content In the heart of the Midwest, MCL Restaurant & Bakery, a cherished family-owned establishment since 1950, embarked on an innovative endeavor to refine its email marketing strategy. Guided by Dan Fahrner,…

  • Free guide for effective email subject lines

    Free Guide: What Are Effective Email Subject Lines Made Of?

    Mar 6, 2024

    Raise your hand if you enjoyed high school English class!  Now raise your hand if you remember anything from high school English class!  There were likely fewer metaphorical hands raised for that second question. That’s ok, because you’re about to recall it all. The fundamentals of language, which…

  • bitchstix product imagery

    BITCHSTIX's Breakthrough: How Backstroke's AI Transformed Email Engagement

    Mar 5, 2024

    Natural Beauty brand drives 32% greater revenue using “Predicted to Perform” generative messaging In the competitive digital landscape of beauty and cosmetics, BITCHSTIX, renowned for its commitment to both quality lip care and social advocacy, leaped into the AI unknown to elevate its email…

  • Backstroke's Email Subject Line Checker

    Backstroke’s Trend Dashboard: Think Of It As a Subject Line Checker

    Feb 28, 2024

    This is an era when anyone can create sufficient email content, thanks to the popularization of widely-used generative AI tools.  But you don’t settle for sufficient, do you?   In a time when “good enough” is common, inbox greatness can only be achieved through a blend of personal creativity and…

  • person holding gray and beige roman numeral alarm clock

    Never Forget Great Subject Lines: Introducing Historic Filters

    Jan 5, 2024

    We've all had that moment of creative brilliance when you craft the perfect subject line for your brand . . . And then, you find yourself scratching your head a week later, wondering how you came up with such magic. Now, you can forget about those moments of forgetfulness. With our latest feature,…

  • Generative AI allows for experimentation in email programs

    It's Like Experimental Jazz for Email

    Dec 4, 2023

    Jazz up your subject lines! Inject some extra charisma! Toggle Backstroke’s sliders to generate subject lines with the perfect amount of personality for your brand. They can live anywhere between corporate-safe and totally stand-out! You can generate subject lines tailored to your brand’s voice .…

  • assorted-color gift boxes

    Complete Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Emails With Ease

    Nov 14, 2023

    'Tis the season for tons of emails. Are you getting their subject lines right? Did you know that email volume doubles the week of Black Friday? EOY competition for inbox attention is the HIGHEST it ever gets. In fact, 42% of companies send a Black Friday email. Oh, and then, Cyber Monday sales come…

  • brown and white wooden glass window
  • Discover the Most Engaging Outdoor Retailer Email Subject Lines

    Sep 27, 2023

    Are you looking for outdoor outfitter subject lines to stand out? Want to make your next outdoor retailer email marketing campaign eye-catching? How do you stand out in your customers’ inboxes amidst a flood of other promotions and messages?  We’ve got 6 tips for your outdoor retail email subject…

  • Make Your Jewelry Brand’s Emails Shine!

    Make Your Jewelry Brand’s Emails Shine!

    Sep 27, 2023

    Jewelry may not be a necessity, but it does add so much beauty to life. With the right email subject lines, your marketing campaign metrics can turn out to be quite beautiful too!  Your email subject lines need to add value to peoples’ lives and give them the impulse to click through to see your…

  • underwear retailers can learn how to write their best email subject lines

    Write the Best Underwear Retail Subject Lines

    Sep 27, 2023

    Whether you sell men’s underwear, women’s underwear, shapewear, or other “unmentionables”, you need a strong email marketing strategy. You’ll need even stronger email subject lines for underwear retailers.  Looking for the best underwear email subject lines for your underwear email marketing…

  • Footwear Brands: Get Tips to Write Better Subject Lines

    Sep 27, 2023

    As necessary as footwear, marketers need to send excellent emails. But how will people know your email is excellent? Catchy subject lines are the best way to route customers into your emails, and eventually to your site. Read below to get tips on writing great subject lines. And if you’re looking…

  • Write the Best Email Subject Lines for Plus Size Clothing Brands
  • Get tips for writing great email subject lines for your swimwear brand.
  • Learn how to write email subject lines for your pet care brand

    The Best Email Subject Lines for Pet Care Brands

    Sep 3, 2023

    If you have a furry companion, you know just how much thought and care goes into looking after them. Your customers want the best for their pets too. And they’ve signed up to your newsletter, they’re warm enough for your pet care brand to believe that you may offer the best products for their…

  • Get tips and tricks for writing the catchy email subject lines for handbag retail brands

    Handbag Stores: Get Tips to Write Your Best Email Subject Lines

    Aug 24, 2023

    40% of customers said that they have at least 50 unread emails. We know good email subject lines increase open rates. Therefore, we need to learn from other retailers’ subject lines and apply those findings to our own emails.  So, how can we maximize your email open rates? Below are some tips for…

  • Department Stores: Boost Email Open Rate With These Email Subject Line Examples

    Aug 24, 2023

    Shoppers receive dozens (more like hundreds) of emails every day. Are you in department store marketing and wondering, “How can I make sure these subscribers open my email . . . Then come in and shop?” Well, numbers never lie. Following data-driven trends increases email open rates. Data can also…

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