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Handbag Stores: Get Tips to Write Your Best Email Subject Lines

Aug 24, 2023

40% of customers said that they have at least 50 unread emails. We know good email subject lines increase open rates. Therefore, we need to learn from other retailers’ subject lines and apply those findings to our own emails. 

So, how can we maximize your email open rates? Below are some tips for retailers – specifically handbag retailers – on how to use AI to generate email subject lines that are super clickable. 

5 Tricks to Write the Best Email Subject Lines

1.  Address specific recipients. Make your customers feel special! If your subject line makes subscribers feel like it was written for them specifically, they’re more likely to open your email. You could say, “This summer sale is in the bag” or “Your favorite pink pocketbook is back!”

2.  Keep it concrete, but simple. Grab customers' hearts, by using numbers in your subject lines. Think “10% Off Today.”

3.  Make benefits clear. Use your subject line to offer a benefit, and not just sell something. “Save money this holiday season” or “Shipping is free this weekend!”

4.    Timeliness is key. Make your customer think that they need to open your email before its contents expire. “TOMORROW is your last chance to snag this bag!”

5.    Use the right emojis. Your customers love handbags, wallets, and backpacks, right? Insert those emojis, and other symbols into your subject lines as a colorful way to stand out!  

What to Avoid When Writing Email Subject Lines

There are some bad patterns you should avoid writing into your subject line, too.

  1. Don’t overdo it. In the subject line, it is important to have an impact that makes customers recognize your email’s importance immediately. Avoid using hyperbolic language, such as “Best offer only for YOU!!!” or “Alert! Everyone is buying this handbag!”
  2. Make it easy to understand. Avoid including multiple appeal points in the subject line. For example, avoid something like  “Inventory clearing sale will end soon & Also these are newly released handbags!” Not only is it too long, but it lacks focus.

Subject Line Features That Increase Email Open Rates

When someone opens their inbox and sees hundreds of emails, what subject line characteristics makes your customer want to open it?

Customers need to understand the email’s contents from reading only the subject line.

If the customer can get a sense of what is in the email about, just from the subject line you wrote, that’s the best start. 

The email subject line can't be too long.  

It’s also important that the subject line is completely (or mostly) viewable at first glance. The number of characters visible depends on the screen size of the email tool . . . or the device on which the email is being checked. Ensure you get your most important points across succinctly.

When a customer checks an email on a smartphone, in the inbox it can only hold about 6 to 12 characters, so if you put important words in the second half, they won't show up on their device.

Speak to your customer with descriptive language.

If you’re introducing a new product, you might be tempted to write a simple subject line like "Announcing a New Handbag Collection." There are so many more exciting ways to explore this idea.

If a customer loves your company and products, they may open a generic-sounding email with a subject line like the one mentioned above. Subscribers who don’t know your products well, or are being nurtured, need more creative content to consume.

Instead of blatantly stating that you have a new product, list its qualities, instead: 

  • “Introducing: More Pockets Than Ever” 
  • “Pack for a month abroad . . . or just the weekend”
  • “Barbiecore pink bags are waiting for you!” 

Purse Shops Can Create Clickable Email Subject Lines!

It may be difficult to create a perfect email subject line from scratch. This is where data-driven creative insights can help! Combining insights gathered from across 10k+ email marketing programs is a great place to start. Try our free AI subject line generator to get started. 

You can customize subject lines to reflect campaigns, such as: 

  • Welcome emails
  • General sales
  • Specific sales
  • Product promotions
  • Newsletters
  • Win-back campaigns
  • Oops emails

You can also select specific intentions for each of these campaign types, making it easier than ever to get started writing the best email subject lines. All AI-generated email subject lines take timeliness into account too, so you can know what will perform best tomorrow, next week, or next month.

Take Backstroke for a spin and generate 15 free creative email subject lines now!

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