How it works  

First, we subscribed to a BUNCH of email lists. And then we asked people what they like. Rinse & repeat. Nowadays, Backstroke's AI learns from thousands of the best email marketing campaigns paired with preferences from thousands of consumers and what drives them to open and click on a marketing email. Simple, right? 

But you fine tuned it...? 

Sure did. The Backstroke data scientists get real data science-y when it comes to training data, throwing in careful attention to all sorts of things like syntax, tone, emotion, slang, and uniqueness. Then they make special vectors and adjust the dials juuuuust so to generate email subject lines that consumers love to open. 

What about ethics and AI? 

Backstroke is built by a diverse team that cares about building ethical AI. We actively work against bias. We honor privacy. We are transparent. And we will continue to challenge our assumptions. And in case we missed something, we built a feedback loop into the product where any user can report inappropriate content. Please do. You can read more about our AI Ethics Policy here.

And you care about humans, right? 

Humans are the true creatives–but geez, they’re overwhelmed. Backstroke is a platform aptly named to both evoke and accelerate the work of those human marketers who desperately want their emails to stand out in an inbox.  

Ready to get started? Thought so. 😉

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