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Backstroke’s Trend Dashboard: Think Of It As a Subject Line Checker

Feb 28, 2024

This is an era when anyone can create sufficient email content, thanks to the popularization of widely-used generative AI tools. 

But you don’t settle for sufficient, do you?  

In a time when “good enough” is common, inbox greatness can only be achieved through a blend of personal creativity and highly-specific email marketing data. The right AI tool is the key to greatness in email marketing. And the right tool will offer teams creative insights, time savings, and accountability for boosted performance. 

Enter Backstroke and its Trends Dashboard. Think of it as a subject line checker that’s full of industry-specific insights ready to help you create truly great email subject lines. Its contents are fine-tuned on over 10k+ email marketing programs that span several industries, delivering the most helpful creative direction and email subject line examples. 

Complementing Backstroke’s email subject line generator, the Trends Dashboard provides even more inspirational jumping-off-points to marketing teams in need of industry-specific, data-backed guidance. 

Here, we dive into the insights offered by Backstroke’s subject line checker, to show exactly how they’ll help you craft effective subject lines, no matter the consumers you’re sending to.

Use Backstroke's Trends Dashboard as a Subject Line Checker

Interesting Subject Lines, Powered By Creative Insights

Let’s start with the fun stuff and take a look at the creative findings available on Backstroke’s Trends Dashboard. Write your most effective subject lines yet, with deep-dives into:

  • Average Number of Characters: What’s the general subject line character count used by your competitors? 
  • Average Number of Words: Get another look at copy length to see how short or long your industry’s email subject lines are. 
  • Most Common Offer: Take a peek at the compelling discounts, sales, or offers marketers are making . . . So you can think about how to offer something even better. 
  • Trending Phrases: See word-for-word phrases that are popular right now.
  • Trending Topics: Receive a list of exactly which topics are commonly discussed in subject lines, so you can hop on these trends. . . or say something totally different to stand out!

Of course, these insights can get super specific by applying filters that focus on timeframes and industries.

  • Date filters can be applied, which aggregate data across 30, 60, or 90 day timespans. 
  • Industry filters can be applied to make subject line trends reflect content in either the apparel, pet, or beauty and cosmetics verticals. 

As Backstroke continues growing to meet demand for AI email subject lines, so too will the list of industries we provide insights for. 

Email Subject Line Examples, Provided By Our Swipe File

In addition to the trends and insights listed above, Backstroke’s subject line checker allows users to see the actual content brands are sending subscribers. Our Trends Dashboard contains a swipe file, full of excellent email subject line examples. 

On the right hand side of the dashboard, you’ll receive a list of dozens of great email subject lines that were sent within your selected timeframe and within your selected industry. 

Use it as inspiration! Use it to learn from the best in the business! Whatever your use case may be, our swipe file offers a quick and easy peak into the creative content that’s hitting inboxes from other professionals in your industry. 

Try Backstroke’s Subject Line Checker Now

Powering your email program’s creative subject lines with AI is free and easy. Simply sign up for a Backstroke account to access the Trends Dashboard. You’ll also get access to our beloved email subject line generator. 

So go ahead and enhance your own creativity with Backstroke’s email marketing data. You’ll be crafting your email program’s very best subject lines in no time.

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