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Backstroke’s Email Subject Line Creator: How it Understands Audiences, Emotions, and the More 

Mar 13, 2024

Could machines ever truly get you? Could algorithms understand what content you’ll click? This form of synthetic empathy certainly exists and it’s helping marketers understand their audiences’ interests. Simply put, AI speaks to them. 

In fact, Backstroke’s email subject line creator is powered by a combination of technologies and filters that use data to help email marketers better understand their subscribers. Across six different industries, and narrowing down through several audience characteristics, AI gives us the capability to get granular with the targeted subject lines we send. You can practically pin-point people and deliver the very best email subject lines that are predicted to perform for their demographics, devices, locations, and general interests. 

To prove how precise and accurate this targeting is, we’ve broken down how Backstroke works. Below, we’ll walk through three ways Backstroke’s email subject line creator understands to whom your brand is speaking . . . then generates optimal content for them. 

Step #1: Our Email Subject Line Creator Analyzes Data

As we just mentioned, AI-powered content creation helps marketing teams pin-point their subscribers’ copy preferences. A robust data analysis makes this possible, and for the very best results, the data your AI solution uses must be just as robust. 

Backstroke is powered by—and fine-tuned on—over 10,000 email marketing programs. This data spans multiple verticals across several different industries. Its insights deliver results tailored to these verticals’ audiences. Additionally, this dataset is maintained to an excellent standard, so its outputs are accurate and non-hallucinatory. 

Here’s a look at how the super technical side of Backstroke’s email subject line generator runs:

  • Available data is analyzed. AI analyzes large sets of data regarding its selected audience, including their demographics, past behaviors, preferences, and interactions with previous emails. From this, it identifies patterns and trends to understand what types of subject lines segments of people are most likely to engage with. 
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques are applied. Using NLP techniques, AI crafts subject lines to match the tone, style, and content of your brand. 
  • Predictive analytics are run. AI predicts which subject lines are likely to perform best, based on historical data and real-time feedback. By analyzing past campaign outcomes, AI suggests subject lines that are more likely to generate opens, clicks, and conversions.
  • A feedback loop continuously runs. Backstroke continuously learns and improves over time by analyzing the performance incorporating feedback to consistently learn what subject lines your chosen audiences love.

All this means that marketers can get SUPER specific when they generate email subject lines. With Backstroke’s email subject line generator, you can drill down into the following audiences for insights into their creative preferences:

  • Gender: Are you sending to men? Women? Both? Decide in a click. 
  • Income: Specialize content based on how much households are making
  • Age: Customize copy for Boomers and Gen Z . . . and everyone in-between.
  • Mobile Device: Are your subscribers team iPhone or Android? They’ll likely have different subject line preferences. 
  • Email Checking Frequency: How often are they actually IN their inbox? Understand their engagement to inform your future sends. 
  • U.S. Region: East Coast? West Coast? South or Midwest? You can customize email contents based on geo-location. 

Step #2: Our Email Subject Line Creator Speaks to People Via NLP

Once artificial intelligence understands who your audience is, it can then determine what to say to them. 

This goes back to that synthetic empathy we discussed at the beginning of the blog. Today’s generative AI technology has the capability to create content with unique tones and voices, based on the email engagement data its models are trained on. It analyzes what’s resonated with audiences in previous emails, then uses those sentiments, emotions, and feelings while you generate email subject lines. 

Sentiment analysis is a natural language processing (NLP) technique used to determine the sentiment or emotional tone expressed in a piece of text. Here’s the basics on how it works: 

  • Understanding Text: AI reads any text. For Backstroke, this is email content.
  • Breaking It Down: It splits the text into smaller parts and segments.
  • Finding Clues: It looks at each word to see if it shows positive, negative, or neutral emotion.
  • Learning Patterns: AI learns from thousands of text examples which display sentiment within them. Backstroke learns from those 10k+ email marketing programs.
  • Making Decisions: Based on what it learned from its pattern recognition, AI decides what text is positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Checking its Work: It evaluates its work by comparing its predictions with known answers.

So, in simple terms, Backstroke figures out if your campaign’s most effective email subject lines should sound happy, sad, or just okay by learning from previous email experiences.

Step #3: Our Email Subject Line Creator Is Open to Adjustments

Of course, adjustments need to be made. Every writer needs an editor, right? And you also need some freedom to experiment. After all, truly unique copy can compel people to click!

Content filters allow email marketers to make creative selections as they generate email subject lines in Backstroke. For example, you can explore variations on:

  • Length: Select short, long, or any copy length in-between.
  • Emojis: Does your brand ❤️’em? Hate ‘em? 🚫Feel indifferent about ‘em? 🤷
  • Slang: Add a little rizz to your content . . . or stick with a more classic copy approach.
  • All Caps: Go ALL-IN on the caps lock, if you’re into that. 
  • Seasonality: Are you sending during a special season? Want AI to reference holly jolly feelings or warm weather in its outputs? You can tell it to. 
  • Personality Sliders: Does your brand like to play it safe or stand out? Is your voice more corporate or emotional? Slide the personality scales around to tell the generator exactly who you are. 

Try Backstroke’s Email Subject Line Creator For Free

Writing effective email subject lines is so challenging, because we only have 50 characters or fewer to truly dazzle our subscribers. By way of data analysis, natural language processing, and filters that help you customize creative content, today’s email marketer is equipped with tools to do it well. 

Try Backstroke’s email subject line creator to see how AI will analyze, understand, and help you truly speak to your subscribers.

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