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Make Your Jewelry Brand’s Emails Shine!

Sep 27, 2023

Jewelry may not be a necessity, but it does add so much beauty to life. With the right email subject lines, your marketing campaign metrics can turn out to be quite beautiful too! 

Your email subject lines need to add value to peoples’ lives and give them the impulse to click through to see your full message. Below, we explore ways to write great jewelry brand email subject lines. You can also generate 15 free subject lines for your brand using Backstroke right now. 

Tips for Writing Catchy Jewelry Brand Subject Lines

When writing subject lines, ask yourself the following questions. They’ll help you convey a lot of depth within a short amount of words.

What’s your brand’s history?

It takes time for a brand to develop, especially for jewelry brands. So, knowing the history of your jewelry brand is the first step to writing a better subject line. After learning more about your own brand’s development, you can build a picture of the brand from your perspective. 

For example, you can write subject lines like: 

  • Stones steeped in tradition, since 1922 💍
  • Brand new bling is in! 💍 Check our today’s hottest trends! 🔥

What needs to appear in your subject line?

What are the points you must make within the subject line? Should it introduce the brand briefly and clearly? Should it mention special products or sales? You only have limited real estate in inboxes. Use it wisely. 

What can you convey about the brand?

As we all know, everyone receives tons of emails every day. Some of the brand names showing in your own mailbox may be unfamiliar. Therefore, a good subject line can introduce both the brand and product. Try to add some mysteries in the subject line . . . only show a little, but let customers believe there is more for them to learn and see. 

For example, you can write subject lines like: 

  • Get gilded. ✨ Meet our Art Deco-inspired earring line.
  • Sparkle thru the holidays with these 7 diamond accessories 💎

What makes this subject line interesting? 

Now put yourself in the customers’ shoes. Look at your work from their perspective and try to see things differently. If you knew nothing about your brand, would you still be compelled to click on the subject line you wrote. Be honest with yourself. If not, go back to the first question.

Get Inspired by Today’s Biggest Jewelry Retail Brands

Below, get to know some of the biggest jewelry brands and products.  Think about how their subject lines imply “who they are” to their customers. 

Pandora: Showcasing Customization in Copy

Pandora is well known for its charm bracelet which can be customized. And Pandora charm bracelet leaves a big space for its customers to design their own products. So, when customers buy or receive a charm from Pandora, it is not just simple jewelry. The gift of a Pandora bracelet can contain love, care, and personal meaning. 

This is why Pandora uses subject lines like 

  • For everyone you love 
  • Celebrate every moment

Each of these subject lines hint at the special meanings each charm represents. They also tell us that buying their product is not just a business transaction, but it's a way to show love. 

Cartier: Communicating Influence

Cartier is a luxury brand. This is not only shown in its pricing, but in its connection with royalty and aristocrats. For example, Cartier has a celebrity client list that contains Princess Mathilde, the niece of Napoleon, King Edward VII, and King Carlos I of Portugal.

Cartier is the first jewelry brand to use platinum in jewelry-making. They’re famous for their watches as well. Looking back at history, Cartier was the first brand to advocate for men to wear wristwatches. This information provides a good explanation for why Cartier uses the word “powerful” in its subject lines. This word is a representation of status and innovation. 

Tiffany & Co.: Stating Social Responsibility

As a jewelry brand founded in 1837, Tiffany’s already has 185 years of history. Attracting new customers is not their only goal. They must also maintain their brand image. 

There are many ways to achieve that, for example, to communicate social responsibility. On Earth Day, Tiffany & Co. sends emails to customers with the subject line “We Take Earth Day Seriously.” 

As it declared more in the email, Tiffany & Co. said they found inspiration from nature, so they are happy to take social and environmental responsibility. From this point, it is not hard to tell that the subject line can convey many things . . . not just “who a brand is” but also “what a brand does.”

Learning about these three brands’ stories tells us that subject lines can reflect so many factors of identity. When crafting your own email subject lines, be sure to tell potential customers who you are and why they should care about your products. Knowing who your customers are certainly helps to make better email subject lines, but AI can also identify trends within your own industry.

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