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MCL Restaurant & Bakery: Savoring Success with Backstroke's AI Edge

Mar 11, 2024

Pastries at MCL

Classic restaurant drives new-age results, generating a 41% boost in conversions with AI content

In the heart of the Midwest, MCL Restaurant & Bakery, a cherished family-owned establishment since 1950, embarked on an innovative endeavor to refine its email marketing strategy. Guided by Dan Fahrner, a seasoned Digital Marketing Consultant at Big Tempo, MCL leveraged Backstroke's generative email messaging platform to test its efficacy against traditional human-crafted messaging.

The Experiment

The campaign was a culinary clash of tradition versus technology, where Backstroke's AI-generated subject lines went head-to-head in a bake off with MCL's control test groups. This test aimed to uncover the potential of AI in enhancing email engagement and conversion rates.

Tasty Results

The outcome left our chefs hungry for more. Emails infused with Backstroke's AI-driven subject lines not only saw a 10% increase in open rates but also cooked up a staggering 41% boost in conversions. "We anticipated a lift in open rates, but the significant jump in conversions really blew us away," said Fahrner after reflecting on the test.

Efficiency and Elegance

Beyond the metrics, the efficiency of Backstroke's platform was a standout feature. Fahrner also noted, "Backstroke not only set us up for campaign success on the metrics side, but also saved us a ton of time — time my team can now use to focus on higher level creative and strategic initiatives."

Conclusion: A Recipe for Success

MCL’s journey with Backstroke exemplifies how businesses can embrace AI to not only preserve their legacy but also to enhance their modern-day marketing strategies. Backstroke’s generative messaging platform not only saves time, but also creates content that’s predicted to perform for all the audience segments on your list.

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