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How to Write Subject Lines to Sell Swimwear

Sep 7, 2023

When you first think about swimwear, what words emerge in your mind? For me, they are sunshine, water, beaches, and palm trees, of course. Clearly, beaches offer strong ideas of scenery. Using the power of this scenery is an easy win for your swimwear brand’s email campaigns. Read on for ways to write catch subject lines for your swimwear brand.

5 Tips for Writing Swimwear Email Subject Lines 

Use visual language.

When you are writing the subject line for swimwear, set a beachy scene. Ask what words come to your mind when you think about swimming. Write them down and see what combinations can come out from those options. Give customers vivid descriptions in your subject lines. 

Brainstorm with colleagues.

A single perspective is not powerful enough. You may neglect some ideas that could be arrived upon by collaborating. Ask colleagues for new perspectives and ideas. What they are thinking may be totally different from you. List them and try to see if you can come up with new subject line ideas for emails.

Do customer questionnaires on swimwear.

What is the most important point about writing the subject line? Giving customers an impulse to open your email. Understand what customers are thinking by surveying them. People tend to open the things that coincide with their beliefs, so include words said by customers in your subject lines.

Draw from your own experiences.

Senses can be the strongest help when trying to think creatively. Think back to a trip you you, or the last time you visited the pool. How did it make you feel? What did your surroundings look like? This way of thinking may give you new perspectives and ideas about what content to write for your email subject lines.

Use emotional language.

Catchy words about beautiful scenery are not enough to increase the open rate of the subject line. You have to let your customers feel something when they see you in their inboxes. Use exciting, emotional language to catch their attention. 

Other considerations for writing email subject lines

Think about the psychological benefits you can receive from going to the beach. It’s no wonder that Hawaii was ranked as the happiest state in the U.S. since 2008! 

Along with the beach’s happiness factor, its colors are beneficial as well. According to clinical psychology Richard Shuster, the color blue has the power to bring calm and peace. When people are simply looking at ocean waves, their brain waves’ frequency is setting them into a mild meditative state. 

Call to those factors in your subject lines by: 

  • Using descriptive language, such as “sand between your toes”
  • Include blue emojis in your email subject lines
  • Be joyful and uplifting with your language! After all, people tend to have fun in swimwear.

Actionable Tips for Writing Swimwear Subject Lines

Effective email subject lines for your swimwear shop is crucial to grab the attention of your subscribers and entice them to open your emails. Here are some helpful tips to create compelling subject lines that drive engagement and boost sales:

  • Be Clear and Concise: Keep your subject lines clear and to the point. Subscribers should instantly understand the content of your email. For example, "New Swimwear Collection Now In!" is straightforward and informs recipients about the email's purpose.

  • Create a Sense of Urgency: Encourage action by incorporating time-sensitive language into your subject lines. Phrases like "Limited Time Offer: 30% Off All Swimsuits Today!" or "Last Chance to Get Your Perfect Bikini Before Summer Ends!" can motivate subscribers to open your email promptly.

  • Personalization: Use recipient's names or preferences if possible. For instance, "Jessica, Discover Your Ideal Beachwear Style!" or "Explore Men's Board Shorts: Perfect for Your Beach Adventure!"

  • Highlight Benefits: Focus on the benefits of your swimwear products. Explain how they can enhance the customer's experience, such as "Achieve Ultimate Comfort and Style with Our New Swimwear Line."

  • A/B Test: Continuously experiment with different subject lines to see what resonates best with your audience. A/B testing can help you determine which words, phrases, or strategies are most effective in increasing open rates.

Incorporating these tips into your email subject lines can help your swimwear shop capture the attention of your audience, encourage them to open your emails, and ultimately drive sales and engagement. Remember to keep your subject lines relevant to the content inside your emails to maintain trust with your subscribers.

One of the easiest ways to write swimwear subject lines is by embracing AI. Try Backstroke’s free subject line generator today, to get started.

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