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Write the Best Email Subject Lines for Plus Size Clothing Brands

Sep 7, 2023

In a world where plus size brands are making fashionable, desirable closing, how can your brand cash in on those market shares? 

Email marketing may be your first choice as it is often cited as one of the most effective examples of many marketing methods. The most important of these is choosing the right words for your subject lines.


How Plus-Size Clothing Retailers Can Write Email Subject Lines

Write personalized subject lines. Since you can learn a customer's personal behavior from their online activities, you can use follow-up emails that recommend products that match the customer's browsing history. Provide special offers and event information that match customer’s past purchases.. Providing personalized services via email can help improve customer satisfaction. Examples of how to do this include: 

“Final chance! Your last viewed item is low in stock”

 “Thank you for purchasing our (product)”

Use emojis. If you put emoji in the subject, it will be easier to catch customers’ eyes. 

Provide valuable information. In addition to delivering products and offers, it is also important to deliver useful information as content about what the target is interested in.

“Different styles for different sizes”

“Check out 5 plus-size celebrity-inspired outfits”

Everyone loves events. There are big events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, as well as World Environment Day, Black History Month and many events and holidays of the year. If there is an event that matches the concept of the brand or product, you can improve awareness and sales by distributing sale events accordingly.

“Celebrate Christmas together!”

“Eco-friendly clothes for you”

Make the subject line simple. The best length for the plus size email subject line is around 40 characters. Keep things short and sweet.

Determine the best time to send emails

23.63% of emails are opened by recipients within one hour after they are sent. After that, the open rate of emails decreases significantly. 


8:00 to 9:00 in the morning, and 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon, are prime times for marketers to email their lists. Users are more willing to read emails during these times. 

To avoid email promotion during rush hours, businesses should also consider their own industry characteristics and specific data feedback of members to optimize the delivery and pay attention to the time difference in different countries and regions to avoid incorrect estimation of email delivery time.


Subject Line Characteristics in Emails with Higher Open Rates

What are the characteristics of the subject line that makes the customer want to open it?

It uses the customer’s name.

Many email systems allow you to enter each customer's name using a merge variable. You can aim to increase the opening rate by including the customer's name in the subject line, such as “Information on special limited products for Mr. Smith” or “Spring coordination recommended for Ms. Taylor”.

Subject lines are fairly simple.

It’s also important that the subject line of the email fits in the first view of the inbox, so customers can see briefly what is in the subject line.


The number of characters in the first view that displays the subject depends on the screen size of the email tool or the device on which the email is being checked. If the subject is truncated, it may give the impression that the subject is long, meaning that the body of the email may also be long or difficult to read.

Put important words at the beginning of subject lines.

When a customer checks an email on a smartphone, the first view can only hold about 6 to 12 characters. Place the most important words at the beginning of your subject lines.


Promote a sense of limitation and urgency.


Open rates can be increased by using a subject that appeals for a sense of limitation and urgency. Try out subject lines that inclue: 

  • limited time
  • members only
  • special information for summer vacation
  • limited sale for x days

However, if you make such a fanned subject line every time, customers will get used to it, and they may feel uncomfortable, so be careful. You need to clearly differentiate when id the right moment to use so it can appeal to the sense of limitation and urgency.

Harmonize your subject lines and email body copy. 

When considering the subject and body of your email newsletter, the most important thing is to make it fit with your branding strategy. Any small tricks used in your subject lines need to complement the contents within your plus sized retail email. 


Be sure to always call to your brand identity. If you want customers to get the impression that your brand is serious and sincere, speak to your customers as if they are individuals whose needs you understand. If your brand is bold, show that off in your subject line and in a visually appealing email design that focuses on flashy photos and images. In general, make sure that your entire email identity matches that of your brand. 

If you’re looking for a place to start developing subject lines for your plus size clothing brands, try Backstroke’s free email subject line generator today.

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