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BITCHSTIX's Breakthrough: How Backstroke's AI Transformed Email Engagement

Mar 5, 2024

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Natural Beauty brand drives 32% greater revenue using “Predicted to Perform” generative messaging

In the competitive digital landscape of beauty and cosmetics, BITCHSTIX, renowned for its commitment to both quality lip care and social advocacy, leaped into the AI unknown to elevate its email marketing strategy. Spearheaded by CEO Emily Kennerk and Digital Marketing Consultant Kelly Karrmann, the brand sought to test the waters with Backstroke's cutting-edge generative email messaging platform, setting the stage for a campaign that would blend creativity with technology.

The Challenge and the Test

The campaign was a battleground of a control variant — subject lines written by human copywriters, and a Backstroke variant — subject lines written by Backstrokes generative messaging platform. The goal was clear: to gauge the impact of AI-driven messaging on campaign performance, particularly in engaging an affluent female demographic across the East, South, and Western United States.

Outcomes that Speak Volumes

The results speak for themselves. The Backstroke-infused variant outshone its counterpart, driving a 32% surge in revenue—a testament to the platform's ability to resonate deeply with the target audience. "The revenue uplift from Backstroke's messaging was a game-changer for us," shared Emily Kennerk, reflecting on the measurable impact of integrating predictive AI into their messaging strategy.

Efficiency Meets Effectiveness

Beyond the numbers, the efficiency of Backstroke's platform was a highlight. "Backstroke not only amplified our campaign's success but also significantly streamlined our creative process, saving us invaluable time," said Kelly Karrmann. This efficiency, paired with the revenue boost, underscored the urgency for brands to integrate generative AI into their messaging strategy. “This isn’t some distant future,” added Kelly. “It’s happening right now”.

Conclusion: A Future Forged in Innovation

BITCHSTIX's foray with Backstroke has set a precedent for the seamless blend of human creativity and AI’s speed and effectiveness. This case study highlights how brands can leverage AI to not only enhance campaign performance but also optimize operational efficiency, heralding a new era in digital marketing where technology and creativity converge to create unparalleled customer experiences.

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