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Never Forget Great Subject Lines: Introducing Historic Filters

Jan 5, 2024

We've all had that moment of creative brilliance when you craft the perfect subject line for your brand . . . And then, you find yourself scratching your head a week later, wondering how you came up with such magic.

Now, you can forget about those moments of forgetfulness. With our latest feature, forgetting your history is, well, history.

Backstroke’s new historic filters allow you to select the settings you used for previous subject line generations. And you can revisit them any time!

How Historic Filters Work

When logged in to your account, simply visit Backstroke homepage. Scroll down below the generator and you’ll see your historic filters. Simply click “Reuse.” In a flash, you’ll receive updated subject lines based on your previous preferences.

Historic filters allow users to access their winning combinations for subject lines.

You'll see the Filters bar on the left-hand side. Click "Reuse" to access the filters you previously applied in Backstrome.

The beauty of Backstroke's historic filters lies in its simplicity. Navigating through your past subject lines is as easy as scrolling through a timeline. The user-friendly interface ensures that email marketers of any level can make the most of this feature without a steep learning curve.

This feature isn't just about remembering your past successes . . . it's designed to enhance your productivity and maintain brand consistency. By reusing successful subject line settings, you ensure that messaging aligns with what worked before, ultimately building a cohesive and recognizable brand image.

Try it out today. Go ahead and let history repeat itself.

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