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The Perfect Fit: Taking Lyssé’s Email Marketing to the Next Level with Gen AI Powered Audience Insights and Predicted-to-Perform Content

Apr 26, 2024

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New York based fashion brand sees 47% lift in revenue per recipient utilizing AI recommendations from Backstroke.

In the competitive world of e-commerce, Lyssé New York wanted more from their messaging programs in 2024. Email was making major strides under the leadership of Mahesha De Silva, Director of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, but Mahesha knew there was more untapped performance. The process of manually crafting email copy was time-intensive and ripe for innovation. With an eye towards new solutions and AI technologies, Mahesha sought to upgrade Lyssé's approach to messaging campaigns.

Function Meets Style: Automagic Copy That Wins

The introduction of Backstroke's generative email content platform marked the beginning of the next chapter for Lyssé. The generative solution offered a new approach to understanding and segmenting Lyssé's audience, enabling the creation of highly targeted and personalized subject lines. By leveraging the platform's capability to generate compelling, brand-aligned, and performance-optimized content, Lyssé addressed the nuances of each segmented audience group effectively. This approach not only promised to enhance the overall performance of the email campaigns, but also to significantly reduced the manual effort involved in content creation.

Results That Never Go Out of Style

The impact of integrating Backstroke into Lyssé's email strategy was both statistically significant and measurable. In two distinct tests, the platform demonstrated its value by generating an imposing 27% and 47% increase in revenue per recipient, when compared to the control variants. These figures not only underscore the effectiveness of Backstroke's AI-driven content, but also highlighted the efficiency gains for Mahesha and her team. With the platform's instant generation of multiple copy variations, the team could swiftly select the best option, thereby reallocating their time to more strategic tasks.

Mahesha De Silva expressed her optimism about the partnership with Backstroke, stating, “We are extremely impressed by Backstroke and its clear impact on revenue per send and revenue per recipient. We are excited to further integrate Backstroke into our messaging strategy.” 

This endorsement reflects the tangible benefits and strategic advantage that Backstroke's generative AI content platform brings to eCommerce leaders like Mahesha.

Conclusion: A New Era in Messaging

Lyssé New York's case study highlights the transformative potential of AI in redefining email marketing strategies. By embracing Backstroke's generative content platform, Lyssé not only achieved substantial improvements in campaign performance, but also unlocked new efficiencies in their marketing operations. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of email marketing, showcasing how innovative AI solutions can drive top-line growth, enhance engagement, and optimize resource allocation in the AI age.

Want to see what AI marketing can do for your eCommerce brand? See Backstroke in action.

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