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Slang in Subject Lines Hits Different

Oct 27, 2023

Here's the tea on writing catchy subject lines . . .

Did you know that slinging slang-y subject lines can net higher engagement? Basically, slang slays.

And real-time copy insights from Backstroke's subject line trends dashboard can get your emails on fleek. 💅 Below are some of its bussin' tips.

Yassify your subject lines . . .

Younger men, and especially iPhone users, engage with subject lines with slang. So if you’re targeting these audiences, your copy must be ✨snatched✨

Speaking of this ✨ emoji. . .

It’s one of the most popular subject line emojis these days. My niece would describe it as low-key lit.

Be bae, not fam . . .

“Fall in love” is one of this week’s trending phrases. Yeah, it does sound a little thirsty.

Cultivate coziness . . .

“Sweater weather” is one of today’s trending phrases. Even if you don’t sell clothes, you can still jump on this trend with cozy copywriting.

Our subject line generator comes in clutch.

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