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How to Write Fun Email Subject Lines for Spring Holidays, Occasions, and Sales

Mar 20, 2024

We’re already in Week 12 of 2024. 77% of the year remains. Of course, the majority of our holidays, vacations, and special occasions happen within that time frame, all of which you will likely prepare multiple email campaigns for. 

With so many campaigns across the calendar, harnessing industry data to guide your email content is critical to drive open rates, click thru rates, and most importantly, sales. When it comes to influencing revenue, the numbers surrounding AI and email marketing can’t be more clear. 41.29% of email marketers who use AI see its direct impact on increased revenue. 

Each holiday, season, and special occasion on your calendar is an opportunity to drive that revenue. Backstroke’s email subject line generator and trend dashboard help you maximize those opportunities. Their insights are the tools needed to write effective email subject lines for your brand during any given season. 

First thing’s first though. When should you start sending these time sensitive email campaigns? The answers are also in Backstroke’s data, which we detail in this blog. Having the knowledge on when to strike—or send, in your case—is the first step to delivering your subscribers some ultra clickable, sales-driving email content.

Below, we dive into the critical process of using data to direct your emails’ contents and send windows. Since we’re about to start the Spring season, we’ll explore the content that Backstroke’s trend dashboard informs us will make clickable and fun email subject lines for this peak of Spring-focused marketing.  

How to Write Fun Email Subject Lines for Spring 

Even though the official Spring season is about to begin, we’re smack in the middle of when email campaigns talk about Spring in their subject lines. In fact, Backstroke’s data tells us that Week 12 is the exact peak of Spring-focused marketing spend. While this very moment sees the highest volume of Spring-centered email content, this concentration will continue for approximately eight more weeks, dropping off at Week 20.

projected Spring marketing spend

All this means that you have this week and eight others to truly nail fun email subject lines that are totally bright, Spring-y, compelling, and clickable. Here’s how . . .

Backstroke’s Trends Dashboard gives clues into the subject line contents that are trending in your industry, whether that’s apparel, beauty & cosmetics, or pets. It’s trained on 10k+ email marketing programs, providing examples of email subjects from big brands across each industry, while breaking down the following content trends:

  • Average Number of Characters: What’s the general subject line character count used by your competitors? 
  • Average Number of Words: Get another look at copy length to see how short or long your industry’s best email subjects are. 
  • Most Common Offer: Take a peek at the compelling discounts, sales, or offers marketers are making . . . So you can make a competitive offer. 
  • Most Popular Emojis: Get a quick look at the top three emojis trending for your audiences.
  • Trending Phrases: See word-for-word phrases that are popular right now.
  • Trending Topics: Receive a list of exactly which topics are commonly discussed in subject lines, so you can hop on these trends. . . or say something totally different to stand out!

In terms of character counts and Spring-focused content to include in your fun email subject lines, Backstroke recommends the following: 

  • Average Number of Characters: 35 characters
  • Average Number of Words: 6 words
  • Most Common Offer: 50% off
  • Most Popular Emojis: ✨😍🌸
  • Trending Phrases: Spring-Summer 2024, New Spring Arrivals, Spring Break, 2024 Runway Shows, New Arrivals
  • Trending Topics: Spring, Summer, Spring Break, Women’s History Month

Get Ready for Mother’s Day Promotions and More

Data informs us that—after the start of Spring—Mother’s Day is the next big holiday that email marketers will focus on. But before we start crafting effective email subject lines that promote gifts for mom, marketers need to figure out when this focus should begin.

projected marketing spend for Mother's Day

Week 16 is when marketers and advertisers start spending on Mother’s Day promotions. In 2024, this date aligns with April 14. Spend on Mother’s Day promotions will peak at Week 20, which is the week of the holiday. Interestingly, historical data informs us that marketers will likely still focus on Mother’s Day content the week after the holiday too, perhaps to cater to forgetful children. (Better late than never!)

Father’s Day, Spring Break, and Memorial Day are all coming up as well, with varying peaks and valleys of spend and email marketing focus. The easiest way to write on-trend, timely, and fun email subject lines for these holidays and occasions is to sign up for a Backstroke account and consult the data it delivers to your dashboard.

With a free account, you can create industry-specific, interesting email subject lines with the email subject line generator AND get the scoop on upcoming holiday and seasonal subject line trends.  

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