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5 Email Personalization Quick Wins

Jul 3, 2024

Imagine a 760% increase in email revenue. Campaign Monitor states that marketers report a remarkable 760% increase in email revenue when implementing personalized, segmented campaigns. 

There are several other success metrics surrounding email personalization that marketers can’t afford to overlook either. And there are many reasons behind why consumers love—and at this point expect—personalized messaging content.

For all intents and purposes, adding a personalized touch to your subject lines can be the bit of jet fuel your next campaign needs. This is quicker and easier to do than you may think.

As you strive toward that triple-digit payoff we mentioned at the very beginning of the blog, here are 5 quick ways to personalize your content and craft the most eye catching email subject lines to drive revenue in your next campaign. 

Tip #1: Show Off Your Body 

Great email subject lines reflect the contents of your email accurately—and as we at Backstroke prefer—a little boldly. Even if you’re running a fairly standard promotional campaign, you can still bring some provocative, yet fully descriptive, subject line copy to your subscribers’ inboxes. 

AI can help with this, thanks to tools like Paste Your Body

To make the most of this personalization quick-win, simply paste your email’s body copy into the tool. Our AI will analyze your content, before returning copy for interesting subject lines that’s so good, it'll make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Tip #2: Tailor Swiftly

There are a ton of ways to segment subscriber lists, narrowing people down for their tastes, interests, locations, and more. The subject lines you can create using our email subject line generator can be tailored for practically any type of email subscriber. 

Rather than bog you down with the nitty gritty details though, here’s a quick access list of many (but not all!) of the ways you can personalize email content for various subscriber demographics. Click through the links below for full guides on how to craft the most effective email subject lines for:

Each of the guides listed above will help you swiftly tailor great email subject lines toward the key demographic and list segment you want to send to!

Tip #3: Spy On Your Competitors

Pablo Picasso is often quoted as saying, “Good artists copy and great artists steal." While the authenticity of this quote remains difficult to prove, we do agree with the sentiment in part. Rather than stealing though, it’s better to look toward others for inspiration.

Our Trends Lite Dashboard offers a peek at what brands across several industries are doing to make their subject lines stand out. Marketers can consult the dashboard to learn what’s trending in their industries, receiving a full run-down on trends across:

  • Subject line length, including character counts and word counts
  • Most common emojis and offers
  • Popular phrases and topics 

Plus, it boasts a swipe file that’s full of excellent email subject examples, so you can see how your competitors are personalizing their content. Talk about a source of creative inspiration!

Tip #4: Get Triggered

You’re likely sending behavior-triggered emails. Every time someone fills out a form, signs up for an event, or shows interest in a certain type of product, you hit them with messaging geared toward that interest or activity.  

Take your behavior-triggered emails to the next level, by informing their contents with data. As you generate your AI email subject lines, customize their Campaign and Promotion types. Our email subject line creator offers 7 different Campaign types to select from and 24 Promotion types. 

The messaging generated by toggling between these selections is predicted to perform, as our email subject line generator’s models are trained on over 10,000 email marketing programs. Thanks to this proprietary access to highly-specific industry and subscriber data, Backstroke crafts engaging, customized messages that are fine-tuned to your audience’s behaviors and activities.

Tip #5: Establish Exclusivity

Go ahead. Send out some special offers. Make it known that what your subscribers receive isn’t for everyone and they’re on the VIP list. After all, 68% of consumers say exclusive offers have greater appeal than discounts intended for everyone.

In the email subject line generator, there are a few quick ways to personalize subject lines to take advantage of this exclusive offer mystique. We suggest selecting the following: 

  • Campaign Type: Win Back, Promotion Type: Incentive
  • Campaign Type: Specific Sale, Promotion Type: Limited Time Sale
  • Campaign Type: Specific Sale, Promotion Type: Last Chance Sale

Each of these three selections will hone in on the exclusivity factor of your messaging, making your subscribers feel special upon receiving it . . . or perhaps inspiring a healthy dose of FOMO if they miss out. 

Personalize Great Email Subject Lines Right Now!

Armed with these five ways to win the email personalization game, the best way to get started is by visiting the Backstroke Sandbox. It offers free tools to generate custom content for your messaging campaigns, powered by AI. 

Try them out now to make your next campaign personal.

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