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Introducing 3 Tools to Backstroke’s Sandbox, Your New AI Message Generator

May 22, 2024

Slather your upcoming campaigns with success . . . and keep that momentum going!

We’re excited for you to explore the Backstroke Sandbox and its three new tools that will supercharge your creative email content. You can think of Sandbox as your brand new AI email assistant that’s ready to create high-converting, totally-custom email content. 

With the average office worker receiving a whopping 121 emails per day, B2C marketers need to create highly-targeted, personal-feeling, and super-catchy content, in order to capture attention. Our three new tools are trained on Backstroke’s dataset of 10k+ B2C brands, meaning that Sandbox’s models are trained on rich, retail-specific data. Therefore their outputs pin-point exactly what your audiences need to read, in order to feel compelled to click. 

Try all three right now! Or continue reading to learn more details on how our three email AI tools work. They include: 

Paste Your Body Email AI: Summarize & Generate Your Best Email Subjects

It’s not just a cheeky name. We literally want you to copy—and most importantly paste—your email copy. In return, you’ll receive effective email subject lines based on your email’s body content. From there, simply pick your favorite to feature in your next campaign. 

Visit the Paste Your Body email AI tool in Backstroke’s Sandbox to get started. 

Past Your Body Email AI Tool

Simply scroll down to the form where you’ll share your email’s body copy with Backstroke. You can share an image file that displays your fully-built email or even a Google doc containing its copy. A simple screenshot will suffice. Just be sure to share an image of the entire email! 

Fill out the form. Click the Paste Your Body Button. After that, our AI message generator will return three optimized, personalized, and super compelling subject line copy options to use for your next campaign. The hardest part will be choosing your favorite.

Paste Your Body Email AI Demo

To explore the other two email AI tools in the Backstroke Sandbox, toggle between them in the upper-left of the page.

Toggle between email AI tools in Backstroke's sandbox

Trends Lite Dashboard: Your Secret AI For Email Marketing Weapon

Visiting the Trends Lite dashboard clues you into everything your competitors are doing. With its insights, you’ll access oceans of messaging data to fine tune your campaigns, with trending emojis, words to stay away from, holiday data, and more.

Demo of the trends lite tool

Whether you’re in apparel, pets, or beauty, you can toggle between these industries to receive highly detailed and granular information on popular word counts, character counts, phrases, emojis, and topics. You’ll also see a swipe file loaded with the effective email subject lines from competitors within your selected vertical.

See what's trending with email AI from Backstroke

Additionally, you can toggle between different time ranges, in order to see what’s worked—and what’s changed—between them. 

Backstroke’s Email Subject Line Generator: The AI Message Generator of Your Dreams

Generate great email subject lines that are custom to your industry, campaign, promotion, and send time. In just a few clicks through the email subject line generator’s drop-down menus, you’ll craft effective email subject lines based on the parameters you’ve selected.

a demo of backstroke's email subject line generator

While the email subject line generator that’s available to our customers allows for users to add audience filters to their selections, in order to drill down and deeply personalize content further, our free Sandbox version gives a taste of what Backstroke can do for your brand. 

In our current world, where 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions, there is no easier way to personalize your email content than with AI. And with Backstroke’s latest Sandbox release, our AI for email marketing tool set is free and ready to work for your next campaigns. 

Explore the Backstroke Sandbox

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