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You Don’t Order Tenders At the Taco Place. And You Don’t Use Generic AI for Email. 

Apr 24, 2024

“These chicken tenders are garbage!!!!” was a scathing text a friend sent me while he was dining at our local taco shop. 

His message was accompanied with photographic evidence. In his picture were three or four sad chicken tenders arranged haphazardly on the paper plate before him. Meanwhile, on his companion’s plate across the table, were three delicious-looking carne asada tacos with refried beans, rice, and a couple of lime wedges.

Of course my friend was dissatisfied. You don’t order tenders at the taco place. 

Similarly, many general-purpose AI solutions leave marketers feeling dissatisfied. That’s because you don’t use generic AI while trying to solve a specific problem. 

When it comes to crafting the best email subjects, marketers have seemingly endless AI solutions to choose to get assistance from. In fact, 75% of businesses have experimented with generative AI already. Some tools, like ChatGPT or Llama 3, feel ubiquitous at this point. But despite their popularity and domination over the news cycle, these are general-purpose AI solutions. They’re great for some things, but simply not specific enough to generate effective email subject lines for your audiences. 

Rather, marketers should opt for an industry-specific AI solution when their goal is to enhance engagement, drive sales, and foster brand loyalty. Here, we’ll dig into the value this type of AI delivers to today’s marketers, and what effective email subject lines look like when an email subject line generator is trained on clean, high-quality, industry-specific data. 

After all, why would you settle for generic AI when you want to tailor content toward your audiences’ interests, ages, locations, and shopping behaviors? 

Settling for any less feels will leave you feeling like someone who orders tenders at a taco place. 

Why Does Industry-Specific AI Generate Great Email Subject Lines? 

Let’s take a look at the data behind industry-specific AI, which helps solutions like Backstroke generate the most effective email subject lines for today’s digital marketing teams. 

Industry-specific AI solutions are developed and refined to meet the unique needs and challenges of a specific sector. They are highly specialized and deeply integrated into the workflows and processes of a particular industry, offering tailored solutions that deliver significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and performance. 

Backstroke is an industry-specific email subject line generator for marketers who use email, SMS, and push notifications. Its models are trained on data from 15k+ digital marketing programs, and the generator crafts effective email subject lines that are optimized to perform across six industries and 72 different types of campaigns. 

Let’s contrast industry-specific AI to a more generic AI solution, like ChatGPT or Llama 3. 

General-purpose AI isn’t industry-specific at all. Rather, instead of focusing on solving precise problems within a particular sector, these AI solutions have different goals in mind. They seek to develop tools and platforms that can be adapted and applied to a wide range of tasks and industries. Because their models aren’t trained on email-marketing-specific data—but rather, data scraped from the web—general purpose AI solutions simply can’t generate the best subject lines that are optimized to perform for your industry, audience, or campaign type. 

Much like those taco shop chicken tenders, general-purpose AI is fine and all, but it just doesn’t hit the spot or solve your own brand’s specific needs for email marketing subject lines.

What Makes Backstroke’s AI and Email Subject Line Generator Stand Out?

Now that you understand the key differences between different types of AI solutions, and the purposes they serve, let’s dive into what makes Backstroke’s email subject line creator so attuned to delivering excellent messaging for brands that increases engagement—and critically—boosts email revenue.

Numbers can paint a picture of the powerful data that fuels Backstroke. So let’s see what they look like.

An industry breakdown: 

  • Backstroke currently generates great email subject lines for 6 umbrella industries.
  • We also track data across 58 different industries, in total, across 15,000 email marketing programs. 
  • Each of these industries has its own specialities. For example, within the Fashion industry, specialities are clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc., etc., etc.

At the company level: 

  • We also track approximately 30 different parameters for each company in our dataset.
  • For example, we track audience details, locations, product price points, number of retail locations, and more. 

The content that’s custom to your audience: 

  • There are six demographic parameters that can be selected when customizing the audience you want to generate effective email subject lines for. You can select options for gender, geographical region, age, household income, device, and email checking frequency. 
  • All these audience customization options result in 262,144 possible filter combinations. 
  • Additionally, you can customize your brand voice across several different parameters and select between 72 different campaign types to generate messaging for. 

Clearly, there is a lot going on behind the scenes of Backstroke’s email subject line creator. And with all this data backing it up—and several customer case studies to prove its value—why would you ever use anything else to generate your very best email subject lines? 

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