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Backstroke Roadmap: What’s Ahead & A Look at How To Generate Your Best Email Subjects Now

Jun 26, 2024

Backstoke’s launch was of olympic proportions. Literally. Not only was our June 21 launch party sold out, but eleven-time Olympic medalist Matt Biondi joined in on the fun for a fireside chat! 

Olympian Matt Biondi joins Backstroke Founder & CEO R. J. Talyor onstage at the company launch event.

Olympian Matt Biondi joins Backstroke Founder & CEO R. J. Talyor onstage at the company launch event.

The olympic scale of this event makes sense, given marketers’ interest in AI coinciding with the technology’s leap into mainstream adoption. 

Of course, Backstroke’s current features, such as its email subject line generator which you can try a lite version of here, already deliver great email subject lines and up to 64% more revenue per send to our customers. But beyond the tools offered in the publicly available Backstroke Sandbox, what else is in store for our generative messaging solutions? 

With our launch now behind us, we’re looking ahead to the future. And that brings up many questions, such as . . .

What type of customer will benefit most from Backstroke? 

Simply put, the people who’d benefit the most from Backstroke are lifecycle & CRM marketers!

Of course, there are a huge swath of people who have gone pro in the CRM field. So here’s a breakdown of who exactly benefits the most from our features today.

CRM marketers who want to know more about their subscribers’ preferences. Our email subject line creator has all the inside knowledge of what people like, dislike, want to delete, and want to engage with. 

a demo of backstroke's email subject line generator

Take a peek at Backstoke's email subject line generator above.

CRM marketers who want to know what their competitors are doing. In fact, you can get a preview of that out in our Trends Lite Dashboard right now!

Demo of the trends lite tool

Take a peek at Backstoke's Trends Lite Dashboard above.

CRM marketers who want to know up-to-the-moment messaging trends and email subject examples. You can jump on board what's trendy—or dream up something completely different—by examining our industry swipe file on that same Trends Lite Dashboard.

CRM marketers who are facing the blank page problem and need some creative, yet data-driven, inspiration and assistance. Even Forbes says generative AI is a great way to take on the blank page! So why not use it to craft great email subject lines and body content for your next campaign? You can start from scratch on the generator or paste your body copy into Backstroke and receive your best email subjects in return.

Past Your Body Email AI Tool

Take a peek at Backstoke's Paste Your Body tool above.

The specificity of messaging copy delivered by Backstroke is so detailed and performant, thanks to our dataset. Our models are trained on over 10,000 brands, tracking and tagging millions of messages—and their performance—in more than 200 different ways. This deep data analysis powers Backstrokes AI to generate marketing content that keys in on the exact messages subscribers across various ages, devices, messaging preferences, locations, and industries want to receive.

While our email subject line generator serves apparel, pet, beauty, and cosmetics industries, it can simultaneously generate effective email subject lines for other verticals as well. 

Who currently uses Backstroke’s email subject line generator? 

We have some pretty stellar customers already! They include . . . 

  • Nathan Sports, who drove a 62% increase in email revenue with creative AI powered by Backstroke
  • Lyssé New York, who saw a 47% lift in revenue per recipient utilizing AI recommendations.
  • BITCHSTIX, a beauty brand who drove 32% greater revenue with our “predicted to perform” generative messaging.
  • MCL Restaurant & Bakery, who drove a 41% boost in conversions with Backstroke’s AI-generated content.
  • And a variety of retail companies, from athletic apparel brand Pearl iZUMi to home goods retailer The Porch Swing Company.

If you’re interested in generative effective email subject lines that are powered by AI and drive revenue, you can schedule a demo now!

What are the next features coming down the pipeline?

Enthusiasm for messaging and email subject AI was made clear in our launch event! We’re feeling very optimistic about the future of our AI subject line generator, but our team has also been hard at work creating our next set of features.

In order to meet this demand, Backstroke has rolled out three new features in our Sandbox. You can try them for free, right now!

Additionally, we plan to deliver even more specific insights and AI-generated messaging for our customers. Looking at the roadmap ahead, Backstroke’s offerings will dive deeper into delivering messaging based on a brand’s list segmentation, keying in on unique subscriber behaviors and preferences. 

This means that . . .

  • Not only will email marketers be able to generate great email subject lines and messaging content based on data from within their industry. They’ll be able to generate effective messaging content based on their very own specific subscribers’ tastes and behaviors!
  • Backstroke customers will be able to generate performant, on-brand subject lines tailored for each of their RFM segments. These messages will be based on hard data detailing their customer engagement and demographics.
  • While our product creates the best email marketing subject lines as of today, our large language models will soon be fine-tuned to generate BOTH subject line and preheader text, based on what has worked for your own brand’s historical campaigns.

Similar to our launch of olympic proportions, our product roadmap looks rather stellar as well. We’re excited to continue our momentum, and if you’d like in on the action, you can chat with us and demo our product today!

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